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Ms Reiko Murakami 4 times ladies grand champion Shotokan Karate Union www.shotokankarateunion.com

Ms Reiko Murakami 

4 Times Ladies Grand Champion

1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Shotokan Karate Union Ladies Karate Kata Group sessions are exclusively for and dedicated to meeting the needs of our adult female Karate-ka. We focus upon intensive training for individual and team kata performance. Practice is conducted using the traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate coaching methodology and we also utilise the modern sports sciences to test and hone our female Karate athletes, enabling them to "achieve their full potential whilst in the pursuit of technical excellence."

SKU kata team chinte Shotokan Karate Union www.shotokankarateunion.com

Shotokan Karate Union  
Kata Team  
Performing Chinte  


All the aspects involved in the performance of Competitive & Traditional Kata are coached on the Shotokan Karate Union Kata Training Group  sessions . All of our members can enjoy free of charge a dedicated group session no matter their status or interest,  Junior, Senior, Ladies, Men, Individual or Team Kata.  

    There are 27 Kata at the core of the Shotokan Karate Union Grading Syllabus, they are : Kihon Kata,  Heian 1 2 3 4 5, Tekki 1 2 3,  Bassai dai & sho, Kanku dai & sho, Enpi, Jion, Jitte, Jiin, Hangetsu, Wankan, Meikyo, Sochin, Chinte, Gankaku, Nijushiho, Unsu, Gojushiho dai & sho. Kata from other styles are taught but purely for interest as an educational extension to the official syllabus, they are generally taught by guest specialist coaches, from style of the kata.

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