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director of coaching Shotokan Karate Union

Mr Kirkham is the current Director of Coaching to the Shotokan Karate Union, he has 5 decades of fighting arts experience under his belt. Renown for his attention to detail,  he has a very polished, classical style to his performance, which he personaly attributes to a strong belief in " the revisiting of and the practicing of ones Kihon & Kata, no matter what stage one is at on ones journey! " He has coached Internationally for over 30 years at martial arts dojos around the world, and also for professional individuals and clubs from other sporting disciplines such as (athletics, rugby, ice hockey), educational authorities and government departments. He is responsible for the direction and progression of technical standards within the Shotokan Karate Union's worldwide membership. He blends the traditional Japanese coaching methods with the advancements in modern sporting sciences and the addition of Sports-psychology and Sports-hypnotherapy techniques combined with his experience and qualifications in the medical field,  offers an holistic approach to his coaching philosophy. He was the driving force behind the successful "Coaching award scheme", he is also a published author of numerous titles and a contributor to various International magazines on the Shotokan Karate-do system as well as technical advisor to several other Karate organisations. He believes that hard work under the guidance of a qualified coach is the only true way to produce long term results

"Shotokan Karate is the everyday study in pursuit of technical excellence & self improvement."

"There are no details too small in the Shotokan Karate-do system that are not worthy of closer study."

“Keeping in touch with tradition.”
50th year anniversay sensei kirkham

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