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The Shotokan Karate Union in 1985, were at the vanguard of coaching education in the martial arts, when they pioneered a gold standard system of coaching, the Coaching award scheme, which now 30 years on is a successful and structured coaching course, that is taught via graduated learning packages (modules), each of which progress the students understanding from the previous module. They address the numerous aspects that are involved in the coaching of Shotokan Karate to others. Each module has its own specific text relevent to the modules content. Each of the 3 modules involve 2 parts, theoretical (made up of classwork and a written paper) and assessed practical work. Modules can usually be completed within 3 months (of full time study) but for part-time students once a module has started the student has upto a maximum of 9 months to complete that module. On average it is taking students between 3 to 6 months to complete a module before progressing to the next.

This is the access page for enrolled members, which allows them full access to all of the downloadable material that is required for each of the three individual modules.

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